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Fast House Sale Chelmsford

Fast House Sale Chelmsford

How Essex’s property market is changing and ‘commuter towns’ could become a thing of the past. Sell My House Quickly Chelmsford keeps a close eye on the market and discusses how you can get a Fast House Sale in Chelmsford

Essex could benefit from the country’s changing work habits as people start to look away from cities and towards our towns and villages.

With lockdown forcing most people to work from home many are now hoping to leave the office behind permanently.

That could see the end of the daily commute, office politics and living in cramped flats just because they’re on the right tube line.

It could also drastically change the Essex property market and house prices.

After being stuck at home for most of spring and summer, it’s no surprise that people are also trying to find properties with more space and larger gardens.

Luckily, Essex has a balance between those links to the capital, properties with a lot more space and a range of quiet villages or larger towns.

Lee O’Brien, of David Lee Estate and Letting Agents based just outside Bishop’s Stortford, has seen business return quickly with people’s priorities changing in recent weeks.

Lee said: “We’ve noticed people’s catchment area spread quite a lot. For anybody that you’re dealing that would traditionally have gone into London five days a week, they’re all saying that they are definitely not going back five days –  because they’re not going back five days, they’re more willing to look at the slightly wider area for purchasing.

“So they’ll look at the village outside of the main town, rather than necessarily being within a 20-25 minute walk of the station within the town, because they’re seeing better value as well – at £600,000, you might save yourself £20,000 by making that move alone.”

Fast House Sale Chelmsford
Fast House Sale Chelmsford

David Lee resumed viewings on May 15, and saw “interest bounce back immediately”.

Lee added: “We used to say that around 40 per cent of our buyers were from outside of our area, and they were generally from probably a two-to-three mile radius of the bottom of the M11.

“There were a lot of people coming from their area to our area, and that’s swung to about 60 per cent of our buyers. I think a hell of a lot of people are valuing outside space and some additional working space from home.”

That could mean those selling in Essex could benefit from another increase in house prices.

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