Sell My House Quickly Chelmsford

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How We Work

We will work with you...

to purchase your property as quickly and stress free as we possibly can.

As one of our clients, we strive to provide you with all the information you require and will make the process easy for you to understand. We will pay for your Legals, so no additional costs will be incurred by you. Selling your house through an estate agent can we time consuming, having to deal with multi viewings, preparing your house each time a potential buyer is interested. Some buyers view the property over 3 – 4 times. The long lead times work against you as the buyer’s situation can change over the weeks and months from agreeing a price between both parties.

We offer a much quicker and smoother sale. You will deal directly with us, no third parties and reduced time means fewer chances of the situation changing, which means your sale will proceed.

Step 1

You tell us about your property

Step 2

We will review your information and will ask further questions to help provide the best valuation for your property

Step 3

We will process your valuation

Step 4

We make you a formal cash offer