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Essex house prices: How much property prices could change in 10 years and where you need to look

When it comes to finding the right property, you need to think about the future.

The housing market can often be unreliable, with prices known to fall or rise significantly at the drop of a hat, so it’s important to know which areas have the most future potential.



Essex is a gold mine when it comes to property hunting, especially for commuters looking for a cheaper living alternative to inner-city London

This is what he thinks could happen to Essex’s housing market over the next ten years, and the areas that could see the biggest, and smallest, change.

Property price often guided by ‘growth

Russell said: “Essex has largely shrugged off the turbulence of the general property market in the past ten years.

“In fact, UK house prices have increased by 39 per cent in the past decade whilst prices in Essex have eclipsed this – rising by 62 per cent says the Office of National Statistics.

“Where house prices are concerned it seems that the only way is Essex indeed.”

Russell noted that areas such as Basildon, Southend and Thurrock have “won the race” in terms of growth, with South Essex looking set to expand further in the coming years.

He said: “Southerners’ Essex therefore dominates and will continue to especially if rumoured mass investment in infrastructure comes good.

“The difference in growth is huge with Tendring growing at a much slower rate than the top performing areas, whilst house prices themselves are remarkably variant from place to place with Epping and Brentwood the highest and more than double that of Tendring.”

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